Single-family house (realized)
Block of Apartments / Residential Complex (realized)
Residential interior (realized)
Public construction (realized)
Public interior (realized)
Reconstruction / Restoration (realized)
The Green Architecture (realized)
The best student project
Architectural project (Building or Complex)
City planning project

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Public interior (realized)
2584. Museum _ Hotel
2590. BEER TIME restaurant
2591. Tiflis Inn Boutique Hotel
2592. BRAVO Café – Hot Dog
2593. Interior of company’s offices
2594. Interior of company’s office at Pirosmani street
2610. Stamba Hotel
2616. Hotel Porta Caucasia Kazbegi
2624. Nice Room brasserie
2634. Office in Pushkin Avenue
2637. Number 13 Bar
2642. La Route cafe
2644. Nail Club
2647. KTW Group’s Akhasheni Wine Resort - Hotel Complex
2650. Vineria
2689. studio CUBE
2709. Bowling and Cafe
2710. Book Shop , Bakur Sulakauri Publishing
2712. Bookshop
2713. Wine Shop
2736. Idad Center Show room