Single-family house (realized)
Block of Apartments / Residential Complex (realized)
Residential interior (realized)
Public construction (realized)
Public interior (realized)
Reconstruction / Restoration (realized)
Landscape Architecture (realized)
The best student project
Architectural project (Building or Complex)
City planning project


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The best student project
2992. Art Lab and reconception of surrounding area
2997. Mountain Rescue
3000. movie,theatre,belvedere
3001. apartment complex
3031. Agricultural university of genetic engineering
3048. Parking
3056. Multifunctional Residential Complex
3072. House of Culture
3073. Winery and hotel
3075. Tbilisi center for the arts
3077. Urban Concept Nearby Tbilisi City Central Railway Station
3081. minimalistic villa
3083. Modernization of the former „Karvasla“ interior (36 Kote Apkhazi Street, Tbilisi)
3087. Student Campus Reconstruction of the educational-residential building
3093. Avtandil Gulua
3096. advantageous suspended Constructions, Turn negative into positive
3097. Urban development concept of mtatsminda street, Tbilisi
3099. Techno Park - The video game industry
3101. School of Architecture
3105. Abastumani astrophysical observatory
3106. Passenger terminal of Poti port
3110. Bukia garden rehabilitation project
3111. Apartment building
3113. Tsavkisi settlement for 20000 inhabitants
3118. Reconstructional project for Bukia's square
3123. Kindergarten
3124. house on the slope
3125. store and fast food
3128. Multifunctional complex near Vakhushti bridge
3129. Shavsopeli - the concept of urban development
3130. Mining Rescue Base
3136. Multi-apartment house
3156. Endemic plant museum
3163. Winemaker's residence_Family tourism
3164. ,,New Born''
3174. Rehabilitation of the amphitheater in Burkina Faso
3188. The Museum of the Soviet Past
3190. the center of village
3194. Settlement in Tsavkisi