Single-family house (realized)
Block of Apartments / Residential Complex (realized)
Residential interior (realized)
Public construction (realized)
Public interior (realized)
Reconstruction / Restoration (realized)
The Green Architecture (realized)
The best student project
Architectural project (Building or Complex)
City planning project

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Single-family house (realized)
2577. House in Tskneti
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
2665. Single-family house in Kaklebi
Location: Nushis bagebi Str. Kaklebi
2679. House in the suburbs of Moscow
Location: Russia
2680. House in Bresso
Location: Bresso/ Italy
2718. Residential House in Nutsubidze
Location: Tbilisi
2734. A-Frame Villa
Location: Tehran, Iran
2749. House in Artana
Location: Kakheti, village Artana,Georgia
2754. Single-family house
Location: Tskhvarichamia