Application Process

International Architectural Award 2022 application

Application form

Submission of competition materials

Competition works should represent residential and public architectural and design projects realized during the last 5 years as well as interesting investment project solutions.

International Architectural Award 2022 nominations are as follows:

  • Single-family house (realized)
  • Block of Apartments / Residential Complex (realized)
  • Residential interior (realized)
  • Public construction (realized)
  • Public interior (realized)
  • Reconstruction / Restoration (realized)
  • Landscape architecture (realized)
  • The best student project
  • Architectural project (Building or Complex)
  • City planning project

International Architectural Award 2022 competition works will be accepted until June 15, 2022.

While submitting their works Competition participants should follow the instructions, provided under E-Application Process in the menu - "Participation". Application materials comprising:

  • 1600x1600px images reflecting their architectural / design projects, technical drawings, realized sites, exteriors, interiors or any detail thereof as well at the author's own 200x200px photo.
  • If desired, Animated images ---------------

Below please find the application form:

  • Project description:
  • Project title
  • Total area
  • Location
  • First name, last name:
  • Place of employment:
  • Work address:
  • Phone (work): 
  • (mobile): 
  • (home):
  • Postal code:
  • E-mail:

Description of Competition Process 

Screening of competition works comprises three stages: 

Applications of International Architectural Award 2022 participants will be checked by the Organizing Committee.

Competition works will be screened by International Professional Panel of Judges considering competition regulations and technical requirements.

Competition works will be screened by Members of the public considering competition regulations and technical requirements.

Following with Their assessments combination, the organizing committee of competition will identify the winners of International Architectural Award 2022 nominations.

Prize pool of International Architectural Award 2022 comprises the following prizes: For nomination laureates:

  • Diploma
  • Competition symbol – miniature sculpture

For participants of different nominations as identified by competition sponsors and supporters:

  • Special diplomas and prizes

To the attention of competition participants:

  • Any nomination of International Architectural Award 2022 will be cancelled if the quantity of competition works under this nomination does not exceed three.
  • The authors of each project to be published at the website must be clearly identified in the application.
  • In case if mass media expresses interested in the competition project or its author, the person in question should be ready to provide his comments or give an interview.

An exhibition of the best projects in each nomination will be arranged at award ceremony of International Architectural Award 2022. Nomination winners will be contacted in advance as regards production of presentation materials. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us should you need any additional information.
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