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About International Architectural Award 2023

International Architectural Award 2023 is passed to architects and designers as an award for the best realized and planned constructions, architectural and design projects. 


The Purpose of International Architectural Award 2023 

Professional Panel of International Architectural Award 2023 selects the best projects realized or planned within the last years and gives an unbiased evaluation of the level of modern architecture and new trends of developing in this sphere. 

International Architectural Award fosters maintenance of existing standards and encourages creation of better architectural projects. 


Special Features of International Architectural Award 

Selection of competition nominees and awarding of prizes is decided by Professional Panel of judges. 


Why an Architect Should Take Part in International Architectural Award 2023 

  1. International Architectural Award offers the participants a unique opportunity to highlight their creative potential and achievements both in the professional milieu and the public in general.  
  2. Unbiased appraisal of competition works provides their authors with an opportunity to enter the domain of elite architecture.  
  3. The works of International Architectural Award nominees are published in STYLE Magazine.  
  4. Nominees' works are displayed at a special exhibition.  
  5. Nominees' works are published in mass-media.  
  6. Competition winners take part in the publicity programs of International Architectural Award.   


Why Internationa Architectural Award is supported by its partners 

International Architectural Award clearly shows the most notable processes taking place in Georgian architecture; attracting the public interest and ensuring success of the competition. All of which is an efficient means of investment into a useful and important business for financial partners.


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