Organizing Committee

General Information

  • The goal of the Organizing Committee is to coordinate and control diverse activities related to International Architectural Award 2023 competition.  
  • Composition of the Organizing Committee is subject to approval by organizer of the competition – Association of Architects and STYLE magazine.  
  • The Organizing Committee works in accordance with the existing situation – competition terms and application submission / evaluation conditions.  
  • To solve any unexpected organizational problem, the Organizing Committee is authorized to create a working group, which shall exist until a satisfactory solution to the problem is found. The quantity of working groups is unlimited.  
  • Working group members are selected by Organizing Committee administration.  
  • The Organizing Committee and the working groups define their practices in accordance with the existing circumstances.  


Organizing Committee and the Workgroups – working procedures

  • Organizing Committee meetings are organized as necessary (but at least once a month).  
  • Organizing Committee meetings are conducted by its chairman, who has a right to delegate his powers to another Committee member in specific cases.  
  • Workgroup meetings are organized once a week by Committee vice-chairman.  
  • Organizing Committee meetings deal with the issues related to the working plan approved by competition founders.  
  • Workgroup meetings deal with organizational, technical, financial and artistic issues as well as competition-related proposals and public initiatives.  
  • Workgroup action plans are subject to approval by Organizing Committee vice-chairman.  
  • Timely notification of the Organizing Committee members and those invited to the meetings is a responsibility of Organizing Committee secretary.  
  • Organizing Committee takes its decisions at the meetings by voting with a simple majority.  
  • Organizing Committee decisions are drafted by the persons responsible for solving of identical issues and are discussed no later than two days in advance of an Organizing Committee meeting.  


Functions of the Organizing Committee 

Functions of the Organizing Committee are as follows:

  • To control and coordinate of the International competition;  
  • Define competition structure (stages, participant evaluation principles);  
  • Define Panel composition principles;  
  • Decide on composition of the Public Panel;  
  • Publicize the competition;  
  • Implement the competition publicity campaign as per the approved plan;  
  • Coordinate the publicity campaign activities with informational support sponsors;  
  • Collect competition applications and check their compliance with participation terms; coordinate Panel activities.  
  • Register the voting results of Professional Panels;  
  • Organize the International competition prizewinner and nominee award ceremony.  


Rights of the Organizing Committee 

Organizing Committee has the following rights:

  • To detail / explore / investigate relevance of the information submitted by competition participants.  
  • Ban a participant from the competition in case of incompatibility with participation terms.  

Disqualify participants in case of their breaching the defined rules, competition requirements and participation terms, as well as presentation of incorrect information.


Responsibilities of the Organizing Committee 

Responsibilities of the Organizing Committee are as follows: 

  • To create equal conditions for all competition participants;  
  • Ensure the publicity of the competition;  
  • Ensure confidentiality of applicant information;  
  • Keep competition results in secret until the official award ceremony.  



1. The Organizing Committee holds the responsibility, in case if: 

  • It violates any of competition organizing procedures, incorporated in the project; 
  • Fails to meet competition deadlines without giving prior notice (at least 10 days in advance) to competition participants.  

2. The Organizing Committee is not deemed responsible for such cases as: 

  • Competition applications containing incomplete or illegible information;  

Failure to meet competition deadlines as a result of certain precedents.


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