Architectural Award 2012

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Competition - ,,Architectural Award 2012,, - winners announced at the festive Awards Ceremony at 17:00 on December 16 2012, at the International Exhibition Center ExpoGeorgia (Pavilion no.3).

At 16:00 on December 15-17 Pavilion no.6 of International Exhibition Center ExpoGeorgia host Architectural Awards 2012 exhibition.

The Festival  is organized by
STYLE Magazine, the Architectural Club and Asotiation of Architects of Georgia

General sponsor of the project:
 Company Caparol Georgia

Archtrade, Vitra, Florence, MedinvestGeorgia, Saga

Basisbank,  I Studio, Media Art faculty of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georgian Representation of “Herbovital 2”, Modern Graphic, Karameli,

Information support:
Radio Fortuna and Radio Fortuna Plus
Rustavi 2 TV
Architectural Award 2012 trophy was made by sculptor David Kipshidze.
Award-winning nominees received additional prizes from the following companies:
  • I Studio, Media Art faculty of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts,
  • Georgian Representation of Herbovital 2
  • Company Vitra
  • Company Caparol Georgia
  • Monk’s wine of Alaverdi marani

For the ourth time already, Georgian Representation of “Herbovital 2” invited 6 nomination winners to attend a 1-week workshop in Italy.
To provide additional incentive to architects, promote their work and increase popularity of construction and architecture with Georgian public, STYLE Magazine initiated a project, aiming at identification of best architectural and design works. The project – competition Architectural Award – was launched in 2006, and evoked considerable interest on the part of construction and architectural companies, individual architects and designers, as well as general public, due to which the competition soon went international.
In 2007, international competition Architectural Award 2007 was organized by STYLE Magazine and Caparol Georgia.
In 2008, STYLE Magazine and Construction Company “Planet”, with the support of Tbilisi City Hall and Sakrebulo, organized international competition Architectural Award 2008, the closing ceremony of which was held on October 26, during Tbilisoba Festival.
In 2009-2010, STYLE Magazine, the Architects’ Club and Tbilisi City Hall organized international competition Architectural Award 2009 and Architectural Award 2010, Architectural Award 2011.
Nowadays, considering the present-day political and economic situation of Georgia, we believe that this project is even more important, especially because it enjoys considerable interest on the part of professionals both in Georgia and abroad. Consequently, the project goes on:
This year, STYLE Magazine, the Architectural Club and Asotiation of Architects of Georgia
organized still another round of their international competition – Architectural Award 2012.
- International competition “Architectural Award” covers architecture and interior design of residential and public spaces and constructions;
- International competition is organized for professionals, working in the sphere of architecture and design;
- International competition is open for realized and non-realized projects and ideas;
- International competition aims at identification of best projects and architects / designers, who contribute to development of architecture;
- International competition nomination winners are awarded with Architectural Award 2012;
- Nominations of the international competition have been preliminarily defined by competition organizers.
This year, the competition featured 300 projects in the following nominations:
International Architectural Award 2012  nominations are as follows: 

    • Single-family house (realized)
    • Single-family house (project)
    • Residential interior (realized)
    • Residential interior (project)
    • Block of Apartments / Residential Complex (realized)
    • Block of Apartments / Residential Complex (project)
    • Public construction (realized)
    • Public construction (project)
    • Public interior (realized)
    • Public interior (project)
    • Reconstruction / Restoration (realized)
    • Reconstruction / Restoration (project) 
    • Gardens and Parks (realized)  
    •  The best student project 
    • Religious Buildings
    • Conceptual Projects

International Architectural Award 2012 prizes are as follows:  

    • Diploma 
    •  Competition symbol – miniature sculpture 
    •  Project supporter / sponsor  prize   
  1. The competition is run by the Organizing Committee, which comprises the founders and organizers of the competition and works in accordance with pre-defined conditions. 
    At the current competition, Organizing Committee also includes winners of Architectural Award 2006 and International Architectural Awards 2007/2008/2009/2010/2011.   
  2. Panel of Judges includes:   
    • International Professional Panel   

The Jury will evaluate these projects based on the following criteria:

  • Form
  • Function
  • Innovation
  • Intent
  • Reality

The international competition was run by an organizing committee, consisting of competition founders and organizers and working in accordance with preliminarily developed regulations.
This time, the organizing committee comprised both project organizers and previous winners of Architectural Award.
International competition jury consisted of:

  • international professional panel of judges (jury),
  • While summarizing competition results, the judges also considered public votes on competition entries, posted at the website. Public votes identified award-winning projects in two Best Object.
    To identify the best projects, carried out in the recent years, professional jury of Architectural Award 2012 evaluated competition entries, posted at a special publicly accessible website. Evaluation process was online (jury members evaluated the entries using a 10-grade system and the results were automatically summarized online to identify winners).
    The public invited to the award ceremony– could see an exposition of nomination winning projects by Georgian and foreign architects. 
    The award ceremony started at 5 p.m. and was animated by  Vakhtang Meskhi and Giorgi Korkotashvili. 

    During the award ceremony Nino Laghidze, editor-in-chief of STYLE Magazine, made a brief report on the activities and new projects of STYLE Magazine and the Architectural  Club, and thanked competition supporters, participants and jury members.
    Nomination winners were awarded by  the Best architects, from Georgia, Russia, Azerbaijan.
  • Sponsors of Architectural Award 2012  - Vitra  company (The company's Marketing Manager –Elene Nikolaishvili); Salon Florence ( Director of Company – NatalieTetebashvili), Saga -Trade Network (The company's PR Manager  Natalie Nogaideli); Archtrade company (The company's Project  Manager  Natalie Khotelashvili); MedinvestGeorgia company  (The company's General Director Natalie Kvantaliani) and Doctor of Technical Sciences and Consultant of the ,,Monk’s wine of Alaverdi marani,, – Teimuraz Glonti   have  established a special prizes for the Best Nominees   of Nominations  - Public Interior (realized, project), Residential Interior (realized, project)  and the competition organizers.    
    In the end of the ceremony, the public was addressed by founder of STYLE Magazine and the Architectural Club Dimitri Mosulishvili, who summarized importance of the international competition in present-day Georgian reality and announced launching of Architectural Award 2013.
    A catalogue of award-winning projects will be published in STYLE Magazine;
    Award winning projects were exhibited at the award ceremony and featured by mass media.
    In the future, international competition Architectural Award will continue to be organized on an annual basis. 

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