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Association of Architects of Georgia, with the support of Architectural Club and STYLE Magazine organize

2nd International Architectural Festival of Tbilisi

The event take place on November 23-24 2013

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Cork House Company

Project supporters:

DIO Company

Tbilisi State Academy of Art

Faculty of Media art, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

Roniko Company

Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking

Herbovital 2 Company

Assorti Company

Bagrationi Company

Frezia Company

Photo by: Gia Javelidze

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Rustavi 2 TV 

Newspaper “Designtbilisi”,

Radio “Fortuna”,

Musical arrangements: Banderol  Band

Simultaneous translation: Marina Useinashvili

Registration of exhibition and competition participants and submission of competition entries started on September 30 2013



2nd International Architectural Festival of Tbilisi is a project, aiming at promotion of best architectural projects and identification of architects and designers making special contribution to development of architecture.

On November 18-24 2013, festival „Quality and Profession“ (joint project by Media Art Faculty of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and the Department of Architecture of Florentine University Deg­li studi di Firenze) be organized parallel to and in conjunction with the 2nd International Architectural Festival.

The following events be organized under the umbrella of the 2nd International Architectural Festival:

November 23 2013

Opened of International Architecture and Design Exhibition. The exhibition is organized with participation of Georgian and foreign architects and designers as students of architectural schools

In the course of the exhibition (on November 23), participating architects, designers and representatives of construction companies organized seminars and master classes on architecture and design.


November 24 2013

Award ceremony of architectural and design projects winning the 8th International Competition „Architectural Award 2013

- Architectural Award 2013 covered public and residential space, construction and interior design;
- The international competition was open for professionals working in the spheres of architecture and design;
- Those wishing to participate in the competition could submit the entries featuring realized constructions and designs as well as unimplemented projects and ideas.
- The international competition aimed at promotion of the best projects and identification of architects and designers contributing to development of architecture.
- Authors of nomination-winning projects were awarded “Architectural Award 2013”.
- Nominations of the competition were identified by the jury (professional) and competition organizers.

Architectural Award 2013 covered the following nominations:

  • Single-family house (realized projects)
  • Apartment block or residential complex (realized projects)
  • Residential interior (realized projects)
  • Public construction (realized projects) 
  • Public interior (realized projects) 
  • Restoration / reconstruction (realized projects) 
  • Landscape architecture (realized projects) 
  • Student projects 
  • Architectural projects 
  • Interior design (non-realized) 
  • Religious constructions (out-of-competition) 

Competition winners received the following awards:

  • Competition symbol – miniature sculpture 
  • Laureate diploma;  
  • Alternative jury prize;  
  • Prizes established by project supporters or sponsors.  

The international competition was managed by the organizing committee consisting of competition founders and organizers and working on the basis of preliminarily defined conditions.

This year, the organizing committee included both project organizers and laureates of Architectural Awards.

Competition entries were submitted by Georgian as well as foreign architects and designers. A total of 100  participants were registered in Architectural Award 2013. The number of competition entries reached 180.

Architectural Award 2013 was awarded to architects and designers for the best projects in the spheres of urban planning, architecture and interior design.

Composition of the jury was approved by one of the organizers of Architectural Award 2013 – Association of Architects of Georgia - organizing committee.

Professional Jury of the competition included Nino Laghidze, Dimitri Mosulishvili, Vakhtang Davitaia, Giorgi Gogolashvili, Nana Iashvili, Teimuraz Jorjadze, Gaga Kiknadze, Nika Kilasonia, Gocha Mikiashvili, Giorgi Mosulishvili, Levan Mushkudiani, Zurab Nemsadze, Boris Paichadze, Amiran Patarkalashvili, Vasil Kobulia, Gogi Sulaberidze, Archil Kurdiani, Sulkhan Sulkhanishvili, Gia Chanchaleishvili, Vladimer Khmaladze, Giorgi Khmaladze, Elchin Aliyev, Brey Khadchanson, Victorya Yakusha, Aleksandr Kudriavzev, Aleksandr Luchik, Gulchohra Mammadova, Paola Puma, Yuriy Safarian, Ilgar Beylarov, Vladimir Eksarev, Nadiya Yeksareva

Based on evaluation of competition entries, the jury of Architectural Award 2013 identified the best projects realized during the recent years (the entries were publicly accessible via the dedicated website). In each nomination, the judges anonymously singled out two, three or four best projects from among which the laureates were selected. Only after the selection process was finished, authors of competition entries became known.

Activities of the jury helped measure the level of modern architectural development and single out new trends.

Competition award ceremony took place in Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel at 17:00 on November 24 2013.

Before the launch of award ceremony itself, the attending public – competition participants, jury members, representatives of construction and architectural companies and journalists – had an opportunity to take a look at the exposition of best competition works of Georgian and foreign architects.

Award-passing ceremony, animated by actors  Duta Skhirtladze and Eka Samkharadze, started at about 6 p.m. with the opening speech of Nino Laghidze, Founder of Association of Architects of Georgia, Organizer of Festival, editor-in-chief of STYLE Magazine.

Duta and Eka  was invited to the stage during the awards:

- Mr. Giga Batiashvili – State Prize laureate, corresponding member of the International Academy of Architecture, Honored Architect of Georgia, professor of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
- Mr. Vakhtang Davitaia - State Prize laureate, corresponding member of the International Academy of Architecture, Honored Architect of Georgia, professor of Institute of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design of Georgian Technical University

 Based on the decision of Association of Architects of Georgia, these persons were awarded prizes for special contribution to Georgian architecture. The prizes were passed to them by Ms. Nino Laghidze, Founder of Association.

Following this, nomination winners and laureates of Architectural Award 2013 were announced.

Special gifts were passed to the nomination winners by:

  • Caparol Company
  • Roniko Company
  • NEW LIGHT Company
  • Herbovital 2 Company
  • Frezia Company
  • Faculty of Media art, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
  • Azerbaijan Union of Architects

For the fourth  time already, Sponsor of Architectural Award 2013 - New Light company (The company's PR Manager - Tata Morchiladze) invited a special prizes to the 3 winners of the Nomination - The Best illuminated object. 

Mr. Frederico Maia, director  of "Jelinek Cork Group",  Portuguese supplier of Architectural Award 2013  sponsor  "Cork House" invited a special prizes to the 2 winners of the Nomination – Public interior (realized).
In addition, Supporter of Architectural Award 2013 - Roniko company (The company's  Project  Manager –Ledi Antidze) awarded the best nominee (author of object – Tengiz Makharashvili) of Nomination – Garden and Parks (realised)  and the competition organizers.
Supporter of Architectural Award 2013  - Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking (The company’s office manager – Teona Utiashvili)  has established a special prize for the competition organizers .

At the conclusion of award-passing ceremony, Dimitri Mosulishvili, Founder of Association of Architects of Georgia, thanked competition organizers and supporters as well as the competition participants and jury members for their contribution to the event. In his speech, Dimitri Mosulishvili touched upon the importance of Architectural Award for Georgia, summarized the results of  2013 competition and announced launching of Architectural Award 2014.

Competition-winning projects and an account of award-passing ceremony are published at the competition website

Photos provided by: Gia Javelidze

The competition goes on. STYLE Magazine invites architects and designers to take part in Architectural Award 2014.

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