Architectural Award 2006

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Award Ceremony

At 16:00 on December 24 2006, presentation hall of Sheraton Metechi Palace hosted the award ceremony of Architectural Award 2006. The ceremony was attended by competition participants, members of professional and public panels, project supporters and sponsors and representatives of the companies, cooperating with Style Magazine.

Project Organizer: STYLE Magazine
Supporter: Caparol Georgia
Sponsor: Sasco
Informational support: Radio Imedi, Newspaper 24 Saati,
magazines Amarta, Anabechdi, Pirvel

Award ceremony included presentation of prize-winning projects, while musical background of event was provided by symphony quartet.

The ceremony, run by actors Michael Gomiashvili and Aleko Makharoblishvili, took start at 16:00. After a brief foreword, the hosts introduced to the public organizers of Architectural Award 2006 – editor of STYLE Magazine, Nino Laghidze, director Eka Javakhishvili, as well as project supporter Caparol Georgia, represented by its director Boris Gamrekeli.

The competition dealt with realized projects of public and residential constructions and interior designs.
For passing of awards to prize-winners and best nominees of the competition, the hosts invited to the stage Dimitri Mosulishvili – publisher of STYLE Magazine, Boris Gamrekeli – director of project supporter Caparol Georgia, Giorgi Sichinava – director of project sponsor SASCO, and Shota Glurhidze – representative of the Public Panel of Judges.

The winners of competition nominations received Architectural Award 2006. The prizewinners were awarded the symbol of the competition – a miniature architectural sculpture by Kote Jincharadze, diplomas as well as gifts, provided by Caparol Georgia, JVS and ORBELI.

Passing of awards and gifts to competition winners completed, Dimitri Mosulishvili – editor of STYLE Magazine and organizer of the competition – took floor. He greeted the public on behalf of competition organizers, who had applied their best efforts to arrange Architectural Award 2006, and announced that the goal of the competition was to promote architectural and design works realized in Georgia during the last 10 years. Dimitri Mosulishvili congratulated the audience on completion of Architectural Award 2006 and announced opening of Architectural Award 2007, which will be summed up in December 2007.

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