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On November 28 2007, Merab Berdzenishvili International Cultural Center “Muza” (director: Gia Janberidze) hosted the festive award ceremony of international competition Architectural Award 2007.

Competition organizers:
STYLE Magazine,
Company “Caparol Georgia”

Project supported by:
Merab Berdzenishvili International Cultural Center “Muza”,
Companies Axis, ModernGraphic and Zarapkhana Ltd.

Information support provided by:
TV Companies: Rustavi 2, Mze, Ajara
Radios: Ucnobi, Imedi
Journals: Amarta, Anabechdi, Pirveli
Newspaper “24 Hours”

Considering the present-day developments in architectural and construction spheres, in 2006 STYLE Magazine initiated an innovative project Architectural Award 2006, aiming at identification of best architectural works and interior designs, encouraging and promotion of local architects and increasing popularity of architecture and construction. The project continued into 2007, with STYLE Magazine and “Caparol Georgia” organizing international competition Architectural Award 2007. Immediately after the end of the preceding competition and all through the year (until November 13 2007), competition website ( was enriched with new competition works.

The competition dealt with projects of residential houses, apartments and public constructions, realized during the last 5 years and with interesting unrealized project solutions.

International competition Architectural Award 2007 covered the following nominations:

  • Individual Residence; 
  • Block of Apartments / Residential Complex; 
  • Public Construction; 
  • Reconstruction / Restoration; 
  • Residential Interior; 
  • Public Interior; 
  • Out-of-competition program. 

The out-of-competition program, introduced by competition organizers this year, aimed at identification of possible new nominations for Architectural Award 2008, as well as publicizing of architectural and construction news and developments.

There were 107 Georgian and foreign architects and designers and a total of 105 registered works and projects participating in the international competition this year.

Architectural Award 2007 was awarded to architects and designers for the best projects in the fields of urban planning, architecture and interior design.

From November 14 to November 22 2007, the projects submitted for participation in Architectural Award were evaluated by international panel of judges, comprising the professional and public boards.

Composition of the panel of judges was defined by one of the organizers of Architectural Award 2007 – STYLE Magazine organizing committee.

The professional board of judges was represented by Georgian and foreign architects and designers:

Dimitri Mosulishvili, Nino Laghidze, Nika Kilasonia, Givi Kobulia, Vasil Kobulia, Gaga Kiknadze, Levan Mushkudiani, Zurab Nikolaishvili, David Nikolaishvili, Marika Kurtishvili, Nia Mgaloblishvili, Gogi Kvitsinashvili, David Bairamashvili, Gogi Sulaberidze, Dimitri Mosiashvili, Manuchar Makhatadze, Valeri Bakhtadze, Gia Kipiani, Nana Tsomaia, Gocha Mikiashvili, Dieter Pfannenstiel, Martino Pedrozzi, Ragim Seifullaev, Vilius Adomavichus, Donaldas Trainauskas.

The public board of judges consisted of notable representatives of cultural, artistic and public domains: Basa Potskhishvili, Eka Japaridze, Shota Glurjidze, Giorgi Kalandia, Ketusia Ignatova, Gio Khutsishvili, Eka Javakhishvili, Avtandil Tskvitinidze, Nika Shengelai, Khatia Shamugia.

Visual materials, covering each project were made publicly accessible on the website. Evaluation process utilized a special system, enabling members of the professional and public boards of judges of international competition Architectural Award 2007 to evaluate the works with a secret vote online. Goal of evaluation was to select three best projects in each nomination and define a laureate from among these. Only after this process was finalized, project authors were announced to the public.

The award ceremony started at 5 o’clock p.m. Prior to passing of awards, guests of the ceremony – competition participants, judges, representatives of architectural and construction companies and mass media had an opportunity to take a look at the exposition of competition-winning projects and listen to classical music, performed by string quartet (Maia Mamardashvili, Rusudan Kiknadze, Marina Kutubidze and Sopio Kosroshvili).

The process of award-passing, which started at about 6 o’clock, was animated by actors Nana Shonia (Teatraluri Sardapi) and Zurab Getsadze (Marjanishvili Theater) and jazz trio of Otar Magradze, Amiran Tskitishvili and Nika Gvritishvili.

Competition winners and the public were greeted by organizers of the international competition: general director of Caparol Georgia Boris Gamrekeli, director of STYLE Company Eka Javakhishvili and editor-in-chief of STYLE Magazine Nino Laghidze.

Further on, the speakers announced competition winners (best nominees and laureates for each nomination) and passed them special prizes and diplomas.

Main prize of Architectural Award 2007 was a miniature sculpture, designed by competition supporter Zarapkhana Ltd.

The competition winners were awarded by prize-winners of the preceding competition – architects Givi Kobulia and Zurab Nikolaishvili; dean of the Architectural Institute of Georgian Technical University Gocha Mikiashvili; member of the public board of judges of Architectural Award 2007 Ketusia Ignatova; organizers of Architectural Award 2007: publisher of STYLE Magazine Dimitri Mosulishvili and representatives of Caparol Georgia: general director Boris Gamrekeli and marketing manager Keta Kavlashvili.

Special prize for information support of international competition Architectural Award 2007 and detailed coverage of its progress was awarded by the organizing committee to Ms. Nino Arazashvili.

Caparol Georgia and Teliani Valley distributed memorable gifts among the nomination participants.

Upon the conclusion of award ceremony, publisher of STYLE Magazine Dimitri Mosulishvili addressed the public with a brief speech in order to express gratitude to competition participants, summarize its results and announce opening of the next international competition Architectural Award 2008.

Photo by Tamuna Jalagania, Tornike Gabinashvili.

The project continues, and STYLE Magazine invites architects and designers to take part in its next round – Architectural Award 2008.

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