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About the International  Professional Panel

General Provisions

International Professional Panel of Judges is formed of Georgian and foreign architects, designers and persons having professional ties with residential / public architecture and design. Two seats in the International Professional Panel are allocated for the founders of the competition.  Activities of International Professional Panel are coordinated by its Board of Directors.  

Members of the International Professional Panel are selected by the Board of Directors. 


  1. While sorting the submitted applications, Board of Directors of the International Professional Panel identifies the projects competing within  International Architectural Award 2023  nominations.  
  2. International Architectural Award 2023 will be arranged using a special code system; each competition work will be published on the competition website under a unique identification number and be publicly available.  
  3. Members of International Professional Panel will award represented materials from 1 to 10 points by secret vote, singling out the best work in every nomination. International Professional Panel members have one vote.  
  4. In case if a range of competition works includes a project by a member of  International Professional Panel, then such a person does not have a right to vote for his own work (in the opposite case his vote will be cancelled).  
  5. In assessing the work is also seen public opinion 
  6. The overall results of the assessment (both professional jury and the public) will automatically be summarized and will reveal the winning object.  
  7. Voting results are subject to approval by the Board of Directors of the International Professional Panel.  
  8. Final decision on disputable issues, related to voting, shall be taken by the Board of Directors of the International Professional Panel.

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