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On October 25 2009, In Tbilisi Sheraton Metekhi Palace,  hosted the festive award ceremony of international competition Architectural Award 2009

Project organizers: STYLE Magazine, Architects’ Club, Tbilisi City Hall

Exhibition was sponsored by:
Caparol Georgia

Supporter companies:
Wekr Architecture, Zarapkhana, Teliani Valley, GGI, I Studio, Media Art Faculty of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, VIP Design and Building, Hamaki (authorized dealer of Apple), Herbovital, Austrian lighting design house “Orion”, Modern Graphic

Information support:
Rustavi 2 TV
Newspapers “24 Hours” and “Prime Time”
Magazines “Pirveli”, “Gza”
“Photo Life Studio”, “E-info”

The prize of ARCHITECTURAL AWARD 2009 was designed by Zarapkhana of Tbilisi.
This year, for the first time, company “Herbovital” partner of the Architects’ Club – awarded Architectural Award 2009 nomination laureates and best nominees with invitations to a 1-week workshop in Italy.
We would like to thank the chief manager of Herbovital Georgia Ms. Elene Burduladze
Laureates and best nominees received memorable gifts from:

  • BasisBank
  • Teliani Valley
  • Hamaki (authorized dealer of Apple)
  • I Studio
  • VIP Design and Building Company
  • Austrial lighting design house “Orion”
  • Tbilisi City Hall
  • Tbilisi Architecture (for the laureate of student nomination)

To stimulate architects, to promote their works and increase popularity of construction and architecture with Georgian public by publicizing of the best architectural works and interior designs, STYLE Magazine launched a new project – Architectural Award competition, the first edition of which was organized in 2006. The project caused interest on the part of architects and designers, architectural studios and construction companies as well as general public. Competition attracted a considerably large number of participants and became international in the subsequent years.

In 2007, STYLE Magazine and Caparol Georgia organized international competition “Architectural Award 2007”.

On October 2008, at Tbilisoba Festival, STYLE Magazine and construction company “Planeta”, with the support of Tbilisi City Hall and Sakrebulo, organized international competition Architectural Award 2008. Quantity of competition entries submitted for participation in Architectural Award 2008 reached 163; 25 competition-winning projects (identified by a professional panel of judges including both Georgian and foreign architects) were exhibited at the award ceremony, attended by up to 500 guests.

Considering the current political and economic situation, we believe that this project is crucially important for Georgia, especially that professional interest toward Architectural Award keeps increasing.

This year, STYLE Magazine and Architects’ Club, with the support of Tbilisi City Hall organized international exhibition Architectural Award 2009.

- Architectural Award 2009 covered public and residential construction and interior design;
- participation was open for professional architects and designers, who could submit realized and unrealized projects and ideas;
- the goal of Architectural Award 2009 was promotion of the best projects and architects / designers contributing to development of architecture;
- competition prize-winners were awarded Architectural Award 2009;
- nominations of the international competition were preliminarily identified by competition organizers.

Architectural Award 2009 included the following nominations:

- single-family house;
- public construction;
- apartment block or residential complex;
- residential interior design;
- public interior design;
- reconstruction / restoration;
- architectural projects;
- student projects;
- out-of-competition participants.

134 competition entries contending Architectural Award 2009 were distributed into nominations as follows:
Nomination 1: Single-family house – 9 entries;
Nomination 2: Public construction – 13 entries;
Nomination 3: Apartment block or residential complex – 5 entries;
Nomination 4: Reconstruction / restoration – 9 entries;
Nomination 5: Residential interior design – 15 entries;
Nomination 6: Public interior design – 20 entries;
Nomination 7: Architectural projects – 57 entries;
Nomination 8: Student projects – 18 entries;
Nomination 9: Out-of-competition participants – 3 entries.

In total, there were 110 participating architects and designers from Georgia as well as Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Denmark, France and England.

Competition winners received the following prizes:

  • Symbol of Architectural Award – miniature sculpture;
  • Laureate diploma;
  • Public jury prizes;
  • Prizes established by project supporters and sponsors.

Architectural Award 2009 was managed by the organizing committee, consisting from members of founder companies, who acted in accordance with preliminarily defined protocol. This time, the organizing committee included both project organizers and laureates of the previous competition.
Competition entries contending for Architectural Award 2009 were evaluated by:

  • international professional panel of judges;
  • public (alternative) panel of judges.

Professional panel of Architectural Award 2009 identified the best projects, realized during the recent years from among the entries, published at a dedicated website.

Special system of 10-grade project ranking allowed the judges to conduct evaluation process in an unbiased manner and objectively showed the level of contemporary architecture and new tendencies appearing in this sphere.

Competition winners were announced at the award ceremony, which took place in Sheraton Metechi Palace on October 25 2009.
Prior to passing of awards, the guests invited to the ceremony – Tbilisi City Hall and Sakrebulo officials, competition participants, judges, representatives of construction and architectural companies and journalists had an opportunity to view the exposition of the best competition entries submitted by Georgian and foreign architects.
The award ceremony, run by Rustavi-2 TV announcer Ms. Nino Arazashvili and animated by Tbilisi City Hall jazz band, started at 6 p.m.

The program of award ceremony also included official presentation of Architects’ Club – international organization, representing one of non-commercial public initiatives of STYLE Magazine. This project aims at contributing to solving of urban development, architectural and design problems by fostering professional relationships between club members.

During the award ceremony, editor of STYLE Magazine Ms. Nino Laghidze spoke about the activities of the Club and a new project launched by this organization in cooperation with STYLE Magazine – publication “Modern Georgian Architects”, which is currently being finalized.

Winners of Architectural Award 2009 received their prizes from Gigi Ugulava, Mayor of Tbilisi; Zaal Samadashvili, Chairman of Tbilisi Sakrebulo, and laureates of the previous rounds of Architectural Award 2009.

David Abuladze, chairman of the Union of Architects of Georgia, awarded STYLE Magazine publishing house with a diploma for outstanding contribution to promotion of architecture.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Dimitri Mosulishvili, founder of STYLE Magazine and the Architects’ Club, briefly addressed the public to thank organizers of Architectural Award 2009, supporting companies, competition participants and judges for their involvement. In his speech, Dimitri Mosulishvili also highlighted importance of an international architectural competition in the Georgian reality and announced launching of Architectural Award 2010.
The ceremony ended in a-la-fourchette dinner.

Catalogue of competition-winning projects, which were displayed at a specially arranged exposition and publicized by TV, radio and other media during the award ceremony, will be published as a catalogue by STYLE Magazine.

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