Competition Regulations

General Provisions

  • International Architectural Award 2023 deals with architecture and interior design of residential and public constructions.   
  • The competition has been established and organized by STYLE magazine and Association of Architects. The competition is open for professionals, involved in architecture and design spheres.   
  • Both realized projects and interesting architectural ideas can be presented for participation in the competition.   
  • The competition aims at identification of the best projects and promotion of architects / designers, contributing to development of architecture in Georgia.   
  • Architects winning in this or that nomination of the competition, receive International Architectural Award 2023.   
  • Competition nominations are approved by the Professional Panel of Judges and competition organizers.   



International Architectural Award 2023 nominations are as follows:  

  • Single-family house (realized) 
  • Block of Apartments / Residential Complex (realized) 
  • Residential interior (realized) 
  • Public construction (realized) 
  • Public interior (realized) 
  • Reconstruction / Restoration (realized) 
  • Landscape architecture (realized) 
  • The best student project 
  • Architectural project  (Building or Complex) 
  • City planning  project 
  • Furniture design (realized) 


International Architectural Award 2023 prizes are as follows: 

    • Diploma   
    • Competition symbol – miniature sculpture   
    • Project supporter / sponsor prize   
  • The competition is run by the Organizing Committee, which comprises the founders and organizers of the competition and works in accordance with pre-defined conditions.
    At the current competition, Organizing Committee also includes winners of International Architectural Awards 

Panel of Judges includes:   

  • International Professional Panel   
  • Public opinion 


The projects will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • Form  
  • Function  
  • Innovation  

·         Environmentalism

·         Intent

·         Reality  


Competition Timelines  

  • The Organizing Committee shall make an advance announcement of competition terms  
  • Competition announcement shall include the following information:   
    • Current competition nomination;   
    • Application terms;   
    • Prize pool.   
  • Competition announcement is publicized by means of Association of Architects information service.  


Competition Process

  • Competition applications are published at International Architectural Award 2023 website and reviewed by the Organizing Committee.   
  • Application screening involves three stages:   
    • Review of submitted projects;   
    • Selection of the best projects;   
    • Passing of awards to prizewinners.   

The award-winning projects will be featured in STYLE Magazine.

The winning projects shall be displayed at a specially organized exhibition, and Featured in television, radio and press.  


Conclusive Provisions

  • Competition organizers may modify competition terms, but shall inform the participants in advance about any such modifications.   
  • In case if competition timelines are changed, participants will receive respective notices in writing.   

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