Terms and Conditions

Terms andrnconditions of participation in the international competition:

The Association of Architects of Georgia  periodically holds architectural works  competitions on its website  - www.archiaward. com. Submission of works (uploading on the website) to the competition from 2022 is paid.The cost of uploading one  project in one nomination is 60 GEL.

  •  International Architectural  Award 2022 deals with residential and public architectural and design  projects realized during the last years as well as interesting project  solutions, requiring investments. The applications can be submitted torn June 15, 2022; 
  • International Architectural Award 2022  is by large intended for the professionals; 
  • Competition participants can  submit an unlimited quantity of projects and take part in several  nominations at a time; 
  • As per the regulations of  International Architectural Award 2022, competition participants are  approved following the initial screening of competition works;  

Competition works should be submitted  from to June 15, 2022 via e-mail and published at the competition website. Competition  Process International Architectural Award 2022 applications are screened by the  Organizing Committee at the competition website. The process involves three stages:

  • Review of submitted projects; 
  • Selection of the best projects; 
  • Passing of awards to the prizewinners.

Winners of International Architectural Award 2022 are identified by Professional Panel of Judges and public members. Composition of the Professional Panel is approved by association of Architects Organizing Committee, organizer of International Architectural Award 2022.

Competition works will be evaluated using a special code system; each competition work will be provided with arnunique identification number and be made available for the public through competition website.

 Professional Members and public Members of Judges of International Architectural Award 2022 will award represented materials from 1 to 10 points by secret vote, singling out the best work in every nomination.

   - Professional Panel members have one vote.

 - In case if a range of competition works includes a project by a member of International Professional Panel, then such a person does not have a right to vote for his own work (in the opposite case his vote will be cancelled).

 - Evaluation/voting results will be counted automatically, identifying the prize-winning competition work.

 - Authors of the competition works will be announced and published on the website only after the votes are counted.

 To the attention of competition participants:

  • Any nomination of  International Architectural Award 2022 will be cancelled if the quantity  of competition works under this nomination does not exceed three. 
  • The authors of each project  to be published at the website must be clearly identified in the  application. 
  • In case if mass media  expresses interested in the competition project or its author, the person in question should be ready to provide his comments or give an  interview.  

An exhibition of the best projects inrneach nomination will be arranged at award ceremony of Architectural Award 2022. Nomination winners will be contacted in advance as regards production of presentation materials. 

 The organizers can change competition terms, though competition participants should be informed about any change in advance.

 Implement change

 • The competition organizer is authorized to make changes to these terms and conditions by giving prior notice to users.

 • The User is responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions. Your visit to / use of the information provided on the Website automatically constitutes your agreement to the requirements of these Terms and Conditions.

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